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After finishing the Neverwinter Nights expansion Hordes of the Underdark, I went over to Neverwinter Vault to find some other modules to play.

After quickly giving up on poor remakes of Pool of Radiance and The Temple of Elemental Evil, I settled on Blackguard I – Dreams of Destruction. You play an evil character, and other than a couple problems finding well-hidden quest items, it was a great solo module. I just started Blackguard 2 last night. Took me less than a week to finish the first part, but I’ve been playing quite a bit lately.

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Thanks to Eastern Canada, for bending us over for another 4 years of Liberal rodgering, a la the sponsorship scandal, their “old boy network”, and whatever else they think they can get away with because they never have to answer for their actions while WE KEEP VOTING THEM BACK IN!


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Thanks to Joe and the WordPress community, I’ve been able to transfer my B2 CafeLog posts over! Woohoo!

Now to find a nice template…

The second day was long, but I gleaned a lot of good info from it. I was in the developer part of the seminar — 1 of 2 attending that, so I was able to get a lot of my own questions answered, and even learned a little Visual Basic just from watching.

On the way back we decided to visit Bruce and Brandon Lee’s final resting place. We walked around the cemetary for the better part of an hour before we finally found someone who could show us. I, personally, would prefer to be cremated if I die (crackle crackle crackle), but those were some nice headstones.
While I was not 30 feet from their graves and headed the wrong way, a very insistent crow cawed at me from a tree branch, as if trying to tell me I was going the wrong way.

On the way back we hit rush hour. Luckily I was enjoying driving our rented PT Cruiser anyway.
When I got back to the office I found that my paycheque had not been left on my desk like it had with the other guys, and there was nobody at home to come pick me up! Luckily Mellissa must have also called home, figured out that something was wrong, and came to pick me up. I collapsed into my bed a little after getting home.

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Luckily, the border guard wasn’t a jerk. Once he saw our drivers licenses and we mentioned we were going down for a software seminar he just waved us through. I was afraid we might get stuck explaining that, even though we were going down for business purposes, we weren’t going to do work.

The hotel had free wireless Internet access, so the work laptop was out of its case within 5 minutes of check-in. Not bad speeds, either.

The introductory part of the seminar was fine. We were 3 of 12 attending. The people from GO Sofware were nice, and they kept everything concise and not too boring. Then they took a bunch of us out for dinner at Wild Ginger, although it took 1 1/2 hours just to get to the freaking entree!

Afterwards, we went to GameWorks, which it turns out was just 2 1/2 blocks from the hotel! Unfortunately, I recognized a lot of the games from the last time I was there, which was almost 10 years ago, and lots of the multiplayer games were damaged. It has definitely gone downhill.

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I’m off to Seattle for a couple days to attend a software seminar. Should be back Friday night. In the meantime my computer will be (gasp) turned off!

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Well, I’m still here.

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I had finished eating about 10 minutes previous when I felt it: that telltale pulling at the bottom of my esophagus: something got stuck again. I sipped some water. I leaned forward, took some deep breaths and tried to relax. Nothing worked. I couldn’t keep myself from trying to breathe heavier, my body reflexively making sure I had enough air. I was already a little dizzy from being sick, but I realized I was starting to hyperventilate.

I rushed into the back room to let the in-laws know. After last time I was going to make sure I wasn’t going to be found dead from a freaking pork chop (although if you had to choose what to choke to death from, what would it be?)!

A finger down the throat and some dry heaves managed to push it back down instead of up and out. I think. My breathing is still a bit laboured, though that may be because of the shock. Just as I was getting over the temperature spikes and dips from whatever bug I have, the shock puts me back in shake mode.

God damn, I fucking hate this.

Actually, I’m not sure now if it’s out. Is my throat just desensitized from the regurg attempt? I guess we’ll have our answer the next time I post…or if I don’t.

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I’ve had the past few days off due to the flu. I tried going to work yesterday afternoon but had to leave after I started to shake. My temperature spiked at 103.8F last night (107+ can cause brain damage), but my fever broke and I’m feeling much better today.

Now if only I could get rid of the restless legs and stomach ache. At least I didn’t get the 2 most expulsive symptoms of the flu.

ps. My brain’s still not running on all cylinders — it took me 20 minutes to write this up!

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What kind of thinker are you?

You are a Logical-Mathematical Thinker

Logical-Mathematical thinkers:

  • Like to understand patterns and relationships between objects or actions
  • Try to understand the world in terms of causes and effects
  • Are good at thinking critically, and solving problems creatively

    Like Logical-Mathematical thinkers, Leonardo based his theories on evidence rather than speculation.

    Other Logical-Mathematical Thinkers include Isaac Newton, Archimedes, Albert Einstein

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    Physicist, Chemist, Biologist, Lawyer, Computer programmer, Engineer, Inventor