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When I think of something to post here it’s forgotten within minutes because of how busy I’ve been. It’s been incredibly hard to relax. My freeware advocacy site, which was supposed to be updated every week, gets updated once a month.

My mother, for those of you who are unaware, has Huntingdon’s disease and is mid-range through the cycle, which will end in her death in a few years. She’s on medication so she can keep her involuntary movements down, but last week she got dizzy, falling and hitting her head, requiring 5 stiches. My dad had to separate from her a couple years back because of the symptomatic mood swings, but she still calls him nearly every day and he’s near his emotional end. He’ll be going on a long, well-deserved trip next month but this will mean she’ll have to depend on the staff at her care home, and her symptomatic antisocial tendencies have alienated them. I expect calls. She’s been calling ambulances once every week or two because she claims she’s unable to breathe, but she’s nowhere near that stage of the disease yet.

Yes, Huntingdon’s is hereditary. I’ve already been tested, and am clean. It ends with her.

On nicer things, Emily looks ready to walk. She’s been cruising, and Mellissa said she stood for 7 seconds before realizing she wasn’t holding on to anything the other day.

Geoffrey is currently obsessed with Toy Story 1 & 2, and Indiana Jones. His grandpa got him a fedora-like hat for Christmas and he’s been wearing it everywhere. He’s also been leaping off of furniture yelling, “To infinity…and beyond!” When he does it in the hat and his Buzz Lightyear pajamas it’s a weird cross-genre thing.

Work is busy busy busy as always. Being the only person testing the software is stressful, because if any bugs get through I’m pretty much responsible (well, the programmer too, but it’s very hard to test your own work because of ‘tunnel vision’ for your code).

My best friend moved to Vancouver earlier this month. It’s not like I went over to his place all that often, but it was “the place to go” to get away from here for awhile.

Mellissa is still pushing herself too hard for the SCA. Last night she didn’t even come to bed because she was fashioning “garb” for the kids ALL NIGHT. She neglected to tell me until yesterday that she needed me to take care of the kids this morning, and since I had told me boss that I would come in today to take care of some work I now have to push it to tomorrow. Whee, working on a Sunday… :mad:

Shaw Cable started throttling Bittorrent uploads in my area. Fsckers. I mostly use it to download TV shows, which I would watch on Shaw anyway but I hate being forced into a timetable.

The furnace in our house started having problems a couple months ago. Two of the five burners don’t light properly, so the gas builds up until it finally creates a small explosion, which blows out one of the other burners, which then builds up and explodes, etc. The explosions, while small and not dangerous, are very loud and shake the house. Yet one more thing adding to my stress level. We can’t have it looked at right now because the furnace would have to be completely disconnected for a couple days and it’s COLD outside.

I finished Call of Duty 2 within a few days of getting it. Great game, but I think it wasn’t as long as the first one. That, or I played it so damn much that I just breezed through it.

I managed to find a couple Fallout 2 mods, so am currently enjoying more turn-based killing, um strategy/RPG.

Oh, and I never want to have my wisdom teeth taken out now. Cripes!


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