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They’ve announced the sequel for Batman Begins. One problem with having big name actors portraying the superheroes and supervillains is what I call “Mask Off Syndrome”, where the filmmaker has to come up with reasons for them taking their masks off so the actors get as much “face time” as possible.

In Spider-Man 2 the hero lost his mask while saving an elevated train, and later took his mask off to convince Octavius to save the day. The Superman movies don’t have this problem because he doesn’t wear a mask and people want to see Superman more than Clark Kent anyway. At the end of Batman Returns Michael Keaton ripped off his mask while he was still in costume, which looked ridiculous.

In Batman Begins Bruce Wayne took centre stage as the story of his origin and quest for justice was told. It all worked in the framework of the story. I’m worried that in the next film there will be less reason for him to spend time as Bruce Wayne, so they’ll do something silly to have him take his mask off while in costume.

Oh well…I guess we’ll see.


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