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Last weekend we took the van (GMC Safari) in to have the horn fixed, only to be told the vehicle’s not safe and to get it off the road. It seems that whoever fixed it after its original accident used some questionable methods, such as welding a part that should have been bolted on, so it’s ready to go. Also, the brakes had about a week’s life left to them. Given that the mechanic didn’t even want to try to repair it tells us this vehicle’s at the end of its life.

We paid $1500 for it, so 2 years for that’s not bad. We’re just a bit freaked out that it was in such a poor state for so long and we’ve been driving the kids around in it.

We’ll be heading to Kia in Abbotsford (hey look Joe, they actually made their web site look professional!) to investigate the Sedona, which has the best crash test safety rating. Hopefully they’ll take the old van as a down payment and the monthlies aren’t too much.


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  1. Joe Fulgham — August 31, 2006 @ 10:30 am

    My one warning with them is that they’ll try to sell you on retarded “super duper polish” and “oh we treat the insides to make it spillproof!” for thousands and hundreds of dollars respectively. It’s bullshit, and RESIST.

    They’ll feed you BS about how it increases the resale value of the car, yadda, yadda. At one point they even told me (over the phone) that “You’d be stupid not to get this done.” and I really wish I’d said “Wow, you just called me stupid. I’m not sure I want to buy this any more.”

    Ooh, I even found a page on the fabric protector scam!

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