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I tried to gas up my car on the way home only to find that my credit card was declined. It was also declined last week when I ordered pizza but I figured I had missed a payment or something, but I paid since so it shouldn’t have been declined.

When I called I found out that my card had been flagged for suspicious activity and they called and left me a message (thanks for letting me know, in-laws). When I didn’t call back they suspended the card. It appears on Sep. 26 a couple small online charges came through, then $500 and $1000 attempts. The $500 went through but Visa caught it pretty quick.

I’m not responsible for any of the fraudulent charges and will be getting a new card in a couple weeks. Mellissa’s card still works so we’re okay for emergencies.

I don’t use my card often, so can pretty much track it down to when it happened. For those who went to Dave’s stag: if you used your credit card at the restaurant before the game or the cash machine at the bar afterwards (most likely the latter), check your credit card statements ASAP! The charges showed up 9 days later, and I didn’t use the card in between then and when the fraud started.


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