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It’s so true!

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I’ve been playing Texas Hold’em poker (oh here come the spam bots) with some friends in Vancouver once every second Sunday. What keeps happening every time I go is we can’t start before 6pm so it runs late, and by late I mean “holy crap it’s tomorrow and I still have to drive back to Chilliwack and I work at 8am.”

More often than not (well, 2 out of 3 times so far) I do fairly well so I’m in the final few. However, since I have a drive of more than an hour ahead of me and I don’t want to be a zombie for work I have to change my play style to speed things up, and this is where I start to fail. “6 and 10? ALL IN!” I got 4th out of 12 last night, but could have done better with more time.

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So what’s everyone’s favourite type of pizza? Mine’s Hawaiian (Ham & Pineapple), with “all meat” being a close second.

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Someone put the pilot for the American version of Red Dwarf up on YouTube (Part 2 Part 3).

So cold…so cold…