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Jesus Is Lord Over Chilliwack

So I saw this guy holding this sign on the corner by the malls. If you can’t make it all out (I shot it with my phone through the car’s front window), it says “JESUS IS LORD”, and in smaller letters, “OVER CHILLIWACK”.

What is he trying to accomplish? The way I figure it here are the things different people will think as they pass:

  • Christians: “Oh good, there are lots of Christians here.”
  • Muslims: “Heretic! I feel oppressed and will declare Jihad on this Chilliwack!”
  • Non-Christians: “What a fucktard.”
  • Buddhists: “I hope he doesn’t get run over.”Okay, I don’t have much insight into Muslims or Buddhists. Sue me. The point I’m trying to make is that he’s either preaching to the converted, or drawing insults, or pissing off people who have differing religions by claiming that this is GOD’S COUNTRY.

    Am I wrong? What’s this guy’s motivation?