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I started up my ICQ account waaaay back in the days of dial-up and have used it until a few days ago.  Now I’m getting Russian spam every day, and I’m tired of it.  All my friends are on MSN so I’ll be using just that from now on.

End of an era…

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So for those who are unaware, I got LASIK’ed a couple weeks ago.  I had been putting it off while I was the breadwinner for the family, but now that I have full control of my money I figured out I could afford to pay $100/month for the next 4 years (ouch though).

It was at Iris in Langley.  The procedure itself only took 10 minutes.  Lara waited outside the operation room, poor girl…she can’t stand to think about things being done to eyes (best not to read further, if you’re the same).

They put numbing drops in, put a shunt under my right eyelid to keep it open, then the machine pushed hard until my sight went out in that eye.  A whirring noise started as it cut a flap of the cornea away, but they didn’t wait long enough for the drops to do their job so I FELT IT…gaaah! Luckily it had numbed somewhat, but it was quite alarming.  When my sight came back I had to stare at a light pattern, which the laser uses to keep properly focused on my retina, then they lifted the flap and it went all blurry.  The lab technician kept telling me how long each step would be, which helped as the laser did its thing (I couldn’t see it, just heard whirring), then the flap was folded back and I could see again.

Then they did the other eye.  The drops had fully taken effect by that point, thankfully.

I could see better almost immediately.  My old eyesight was 6/60 (20/200 for you non-metric folks), which means that anything 6 metres away is as blurry as something 60 metres away for people with perfect vision.  My eyes were understandably sensitive, however, so I donned the shades I was given and sat down in the darkened recovery room.  A half-hour later I was in the waiting room, my right eye feeling extremely scratchy, and my vision in that eye pretty blurry.  They sent me home an hour later.

My right eye continued to be a problem for the rest of the day.  It really felt like I had something on it and I wanted to rub it, but that would have been VERY BAD(tm).  In my post-op appointment the next morning they found that some dust had fallen into that eye and gotten covered with mucous and it lodged itself right at the edge of the healing flap.  It felt so much better after they got it out!

They found that my left eye was better than 20/20 but the right eye continued to lag behind, and became scratchy again.  It wasn’t until about a week later that things settled down, and now all I have to do is keep putting eyedrops in.

So, all in all a successful use of the frickin’ lasers in my eyes.  No more contact lenses, and no more stupid glasses.  Instead of stomping on the glasses I decided to donate them, but it was a close thing.