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So I was getting into Lara’s car the other day.  I was in a bit of a hurry due to the wind and snow so when I got in I wasn’t taking the normal amount of care.  When I closed the door there was something in the way:  the pocket of my jacket…with my iPod Video 30GB in it!

With a sick feeling in my stomach I switched it on.  Sure enough, the screen was cracked, creating a black slash down the left-hand side and blurring the rest of the screen.  It looks like every second horizontal line is missing:


The Future Shop extended warranty (I made sure to get it after my last iPod died just after the basic warranty expired) doesn’t cover accidental damage.  I’ll call Apple, but I get the feeling they’re not going to fix it.

The iPod still works and the case itself is undamaged; it’s just the screen inside.  I won’t be using it for video but it’ll still play audio files fine.  Guess that’ll have to do for now.