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I’ll be bowling for Big Brothers/Big Sisters on Feb. 29 after work. I would appreciate it if any of my friends could donate a little to help.


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So I had a dream the other night about a scene from No Country for Old Men, where the intense guy with the 70′s hair demands that the shop owner bet on a coin flip but doesn’t tell him what he’s betting on.  I haven’t seen the movie yet, but it seems I want to so much I’ll fill in plot points from the other stories I’ve had in my head recently, most notably the Ender and Shadow series’ of books from Orson Scott Card, as I surmised that the guy was an assassin going around killing all these old men because a war was going to start and they had been part of Ender’s “jeesh” a long time ago, and therefore dangerous to the warmongers.

If you’re very confused right now you probably haven’t read Ender’s Game.  Kindly go do so and come back…I’ll wait.

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im·promp·tu [im-promp-too, -tyoo]
1. made or done without previous preparation

Bonus points to anyone who can find the site linked from my Blogroll where this word is being misused.