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On Saturday Lara and I went looking for an HHR to test drive, or a Vibe.  The GM salesperson told us that they didn’t have any HHRs and we wouldn’t find a Vibe anywhere in BC since the next year’s model is coming out.

We went across the street and took a Dodge Caliber out for a drive.  Nice, but bulky.  Lots of room, and a beverage cooler just above the glove compartment! The salesperson asked if we could meet his manager otherwise he’d “get in trouble”, so we went in.  He then started to price us out on one, but I was curious to see how much it would come to since the Caliber was the least expensive on my list.  After a half-hour of him quoting too-high numbers regarding the overstock of Calibers he had on hand with too many options I stood up, pointed at the Caliber for $277/month sticker that was on his window and said, “that, plus air conditioning and automatic.”  Another 15 minutes and we had $325/month after taxes (I wanted no more than $300).  Tired and hungry, we thanked them and left.

The next day we went to another Pontiac dealer closer to Lara’s place on a lark and found that they had a couple Vibes on hand.  We took one out, liked it (sporty and easy to park), and within 2 minutes of returning he had a quote in front of me that was $50 less per month than the Caliber, which is the less expensive vehicle, especially when you consider the Caliber quote was for $2,000 down and the Vibe just $1,000! Dodge, you have been completely outclassed…for shame!

I’ll be picking up my new Vibe tomorrow after work! Vroom!


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