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I did terribly at our weekly poker game, getting knocked out by a failed flush draw after raising with a suited ace…bah.

In PokerStars the other night I played a 9-player cash tourney where I couldn’t do anything wrong! If I was dominated I would suck out the second pair, straight or flush…when I called all-ins the other guy was always bluffing…it was unreal! I wish it had been more than a $3 tourney.

Lara and I went to the casino tonight.  She lost $200 but I doubled my $100 buy-in.
Notable hands:  I flopped Q-K 2 pair and slow played it, not realizing my opponent had pocket aces.  When the board paired itself on the river she crushed me.  On my last hand I had Q-3 of diamonds…I called, then someone raised…I probably shouldn’t have called that but I did, and 2 diamonds came down on the flop.  I bet hard and the third player folded, but the guy that raised pre-flop (and took Lara’s money earlier) re-raised me all in (2x my bet).  I called, and hit my diamond on the river…he had pushed me all in with 8-9 of diamonds, so my flush crushed his.  Woo!

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My Political Views
I am a center-left social moderate
Left: 1.47, Libertarian: 0.12

Political Spectrum Quiz

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I’m a time travel movie geek. I made Lara watch The Philadelphia Experiment last week, and while it was painful (Nancy Allen must have given good casting couch, because she was HORRIBLE in the movie), the amusement of seeing “contemporary now” from 20-25 years ago or what they thought of the future back then is in itself a kind of time travel, which makes it doubly awesome.

Here are other old time travel movies I can think of…can you think of any?

  • Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (and Bogus Journey)
  • A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court
  • The Final Countdown
  • Somewhere In Time
  • Star Trek IV
  • The Terminator
  • Time After Time
  • The Time Machine (the original)
  • Timerider
  • Trancers (and sequels)

Because sci-fi wasn’t mainstream back then, you can find surprising actors in some of those movies (Helen Hunt in Trancers, Christopher Reeve in Somewhere In Time, Martin Sheen and Kirk Douglas in The Final Countdown, Malcolm MacDowell and Mary Steenbergen in Time After Time).

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Type your name at Urban Dictionary ( and post what you find in your blog.

1. jim

A nickname for James.

Other examples of such nicknames include: Jimmy, Jimmie, Jimbo, Jamie, and many others.
Psst…I think Jim has a crush on Ann.

2. jim

A generic nickname used to give to a person of the male gender. Used commonly in hipster circles, mostly back in the ’60s and ’70s. See Marlon Wayans’ character’s usage of it in Requiem for a Dream for a good example.

“You hooked us up? Solid, Jim.”

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Looks like I never posted about it here (damn you Facebook!), but I’ve been living with Lara in Burnaby for the last 5 months.  In the last 3 we’ve had some difficulty.  I won’t get into it, but there were miscommunications and misunderstandings, exacerbated by the close quarters of the condo.

So, I’ll be moving back to Abbotsford February 1st.  Lara and I aren’t breaking up; we’re just taking a step back to the point at which we were happier.

Damn I hate moving!