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My original power supply had a 4-pin square connector, like this, that fit into a 4-pin receptor on the motherboard. Apparently it’s called an ATX-12V connector:

My new power supply didn’t have one of those, so when I tried to power on the computer it didn’t POST. No video at all.

I thought that my motherboard was too old, so went searching around for an adapter. The 2 computer stores I went to were both confused that my brand-new power supply didn’t have one of those. Uh-oh, I thought…have I missed something?

Yep. There was an 8-pin connector coming right off the PSU and I wondered what it was for (thought it was for newer boards) and it looked like this:

Except mine could be split into two 4-pin connectors, one of which fit nicely into the ATX-12V port on my motherboard. I’m up and running!

Next up:  the new video card!


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