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As expected, the PCS Wireless manager didn’t call me on Monday. I found his e-mail on their web site and left him a nastygram stating that I’d be contacting Telus to explain why a customer who always pays their bill on time, barely uses their system and rarely complains (the best kind of customer for service providers) is moving to another provider when my contract is up in a few weeks.

Got a call today from his employee, not him, saying that they tracked down my phone. Given that I had stated that I wanted a new phone or credit towards an iPhone, I was less than enthused. I think she picked up on that, as she called me back a bit later to tell me they were going to replace my phone with a Motorola Rival.

Pro: Slideout QWERTY keyboard
Con: No flash for the camera
Everything else is about the same: 2 MP camera, voice control, Bluetooth. Guess it’ll keep me going until the iPhone 4G comes out.

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My cell phone was sent to the factory in early November.  6 weeks ago I called PCS Wireless (my local Telus whozzawhatsis) and left a message…no callback.  I did it again the next week…same, and the week after.  Finally, I went down there and asked where my fscking phone was, since the temp phone I have now doesn’t even have Bluetooth and the handsfree ban is in play.

The guy said he’d find out where the phone was and get back to me.  Nothing.  I went back 2 weeks later and asked again.  The lady said she’d have her manager call me the next morning.  Nothing.  I went in Friday evening and basically said give me my phone, a new phone, or credit toward an iPhone.  The manager will call me back on Monday.  I don’t have high hopes.

The phone’s still under warranty.  Given that it’s had to be sent to the factory 4 times already, each time for weeks on end, I think I’ll invoke replacement anyway.  I went online and found that lots of people were having the reboot issue.  Even if the phone comes back, the problem will return within 9 months…it’ll be a ticking time bomb.

My contract is up in March, I think.  Telus has the least expensive iPhone plan, so it’d be nice if they gave me credit toward one of those and I don’t have to go somewhere else.  Maybe one of the competitors will match it…they can’t have worse service than this, right?  Right?