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Since I have come across it a couple times in the last few years, I will now explain this concept using the male cast of Coupling. If you haven’t watched Coupling, go buy, download or YouTube it right now, you poor, deprived person! I’ll warn you now, though…just stop at the end of season 3 and pretend that was it…the shark was not only jumped, but humped, bumped, and trumped in season 4.

Jeff, Steve and Patrick are in the bar on the sofa and side chair, as per usual.




Jeff:  Okay, so I’ll tell you about “The Feeling Ceiling.”
Steve, looking skeptical:  Okay…
Jeff:  Right…so…there’s these women, right?
Steve:  There usually are, with your stories.
Jeff:  Okay, and some of them, for whatever reason, don’t want to hear “the big L” from their boyfriends…it freaks them out and they go all crazy…and not crazy in a good way.
Steve:  I’m familiar with these women.
Patrick:  I love those women! Er, I mean, like them…you know what I mean.
Steve:  Go on, Jeff.
Jeff:  Right…so…with some women, you go out with them for months, and things are going great, but you don’t know how far you can go…how high you can rise in your feelings for them.  You say “the big L”, and BAM!
Steve jumps.
Jeff:  …you hit…THE FEELING CEILING!
Steve:  I see. So…
Jeff:  And once you hit The Feeling Ceiling, you’re done! You’ve hit your head…you can’t go any higher.
Steve:  Right…so…
Jeff:  Even if you broke through, you’d be in the attic!
Steve:  Um…
Jeff:  …where your dad keeps his dirty magazines.
Patrick:  Result! Nice.
Steve:  Jeff…
Jeff:  Then the next thing you know your mum’s calling, “Jeffrey! Are you in the attic? Why is the chandelier shaking?”
Steve:  Too far, Jeff!
Jeff:  Huh? Oh, right…so that’s…”The Feeling Ceiling.” If you’re not careful and go too high, you’ll be in the attic, masturbating.

Steve shakes his head, and Patrick looks thoughtful. Jeff is lost in the moment.

Sound of laugh track clapping.

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I got my new phone (Motorola Rival) and decided (naturally) that I didn’t like the stock ringtones, so installed the Motorola Phone Tools in order to take care of that.

The first problem I had was that the software said it didn’t support my operating system.  I thought the problem might be that I’m using a 64-bit version of Windows 7, so I installed the software on my 32-bit Win7 installation on my laptop…same problem.

I eventually found this page that explained I should download the 64-bit drivers from here.  Installed it, the phone was detected by Windows properly…problem solved, right?

WRONG (and you knew it from this posting’s title).

I was able to get into Motorola’s software, but when trying to use the Melody Editor to upload the MP3 file I wanted to use as a ringtone, it indicated that I needed a codec, and that I could pay Motorola for it.  Screw that, I said, and downloaded the Lame MP3 encoder.  No difference.

I eventually found this page that explained that I had to edit a registry key (HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Drivers32\msacm.l3acm=C:\Windows\System32\l3codecp.acm) in order to point the OS to use a slightly different codec file than the default one (which is usually l3codeca.acm).  After a reboot, it…still didn’t work.

Then I remembered that since since the Motorola Phone Tools was running as a 32-bit app and I was using a 64-bit operating system, I had to edit the 32-bit registry and have it point to the 32-bit Windows System folder, so the regkey I really had to edit was HKLM\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Drivers32\msacm.l3acm=C:\Windows\SysWOW64\l3codecp.acm.  After a reboot, the software was no longer complaining about a missing codec.

Oh, but it doesn’t end there…

I uploaded my MP3 file via the Melody Editor, but it put the file into my MP3 folder, so I could only play it as a song…it didn’t appear in my ringtones folder.  What’s worse, there didn’t seem to be a ringtones folder, but online sources said there should be one.

I eventually found this page, which reminded me that Telus sucks.  They’ve crippled the phone to disallow custom ringtones; you have to buy ringtones from them.  However, further down the page there were instructions on using a freeware program called P2KCommander to connect to the phone and access all the hidden folders, including /a/brew/mod/my_ringers, where the ringtones are stored!

The program isn’t exactly user friendly, but once I figured it out and uploaded the file, I could see my Mp3 in the ringtones list!

Elapsed time:  4 hours