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Some folks had been asking about Emily, so here’s another cute picture:


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I was asked to help some friends with their computer after work. I tell ya, if there’s one thing that will take care of Windows 98 problems, it’s Windows 2000…

Install…drivers…update…antivirus…firewall…anti-spyware…done! Ahh…nothing like a fresh OS installation. The speed of the computer only goes downhill from there.

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A few weeks ago I started DM’ing Egg of the Phoenix, one of my favourite Dungeons & Dragons module from way back when I was in high school (back when they called it Secondary School, with capital letters and everything).

I’ve had to convert the module from to AD&D to the current v3.5 rules, and boy does it take a while! I’ve had literally months to work on it and am only slightly ahead of my players’ progress. The main thing taking all the time is the converting of NPCs (Non-Player Characters to those not in the know; virtual characters controlled by myself, for good or ill). Thank goodness for PCGen or I’d have given up by now. I have only so much time in the week, too. Having a kid really cuts into the old hobby time, lemme tell ya!

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Anybody want to be an Xmas buddy? It’s kind of like carpooling, but with Xmas shopping. Like carpooling, we only need to find one parking spot amongst the throng, and multiple people can come up with more shopping ideas than one person alone…