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I’ve had a cold for most of the week. I went in Monday even though my throat wasn’t feeling well because I had already maxed out my sick days, and may have infected other employees because of it. As of Tuesday morning my throat was killing me and I could barely get out of bed, so I called in sick and connected up to do some work remotely in the afternoon. On Wednesday I was feeling better, just a sniffle, so I went in again. By nightfall I had gotten worse as the cold went into my chest and head. Today I’m just a mess and there was no way I could go to work.

How many sick days are other people allotted at their workplaces? I get 5 per year, and I don’t think it’s enough.

Oh, and my chest pain from last week is pretty much gone. I think I’ve been sleeping on my front with my hand right there, so must have accidentally poked myself while I slept.

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Tomorrow’s my last work day before a week’s vacation. Then back to work for a week, then another week off. Since Christmas, Boxing Day and New Years all fall on the weekend, they would owe us all 3 days off in lieu, so they just decided to give us the week between Christmas and New Years off. Nice!

Unfortunately, because I’m “the guy” and get lots of questions from every department, they need to make sure the company can handle my time away. That means making sure all my tasks are complete before I leave work tomorrow, which probably means overtime (sigh).

In between tasks I’ve been working on a project using mkisofs.exe to auto-create an ISO of our software CD every time the developers perform a build, but have been having problems figuring out how to use wildcards in the path-list file. It keeps giving me errors when I try. The other option would be to list the directory in the file and follow up with exclusions, but it looks like you can’t use exclusions when you use the path-list file. Any ideas from the *nix-heads out there? I’m using a Cygwin port of mkisofs.

Mood: :mad:

On Monday I dropped my fresh-out-of-the-microwave lunch down my leg and onto the floor. Plus, it was Monday.

I hate Tuesdays because Mellissa goes off to D&D and leaves me with the kids. I’m not really all that good at it, being easily frustrated.

Wednesdays are now getting dark too early to continue playing ball hockey after work.

Mellissa goes off most Thursdays but thankfully takes Emily with her. I can handle Geoffrey.

Fridays I have to cook.

Saturdays and Sundays are good just because they’re the weekend, but then I have to help take care of the kids too. I enjoy myself more when Mellissa takes them out somewhere.

Man, my outlook on life sucks.

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This is the first day of a week’s vacation. Now if I can just relax…

Mood: :sad:

For those of you who don’t know, I worked at our hockey hero’s namesake for over 5 years. The job started with 40-60 pound bakes, but by the time I quit in disgust it had doubled, with the same amount of time to do the job. My donuts were always the best of the bakers in quality, until about 3 years into the job. Others who started with the higher workload were able to adapt better because they never had it easier. I couldn’t, so I started working 10 and 11 hour shifts to get everything done while keeping up the quality.

That, combined with starting work at either 10pm or 6am, and switching back and forth at the whim of the boss, caused me to lose a lot of social life, and the weird sleep cycle did a number on my brain chemistry. In addition, the skin on my hands never recovered from washing them dozens of times a night, so I have a chronic dry skin problem, even to this day.

At some point in every job I’ve had since, I’ve had a dream about being back there. It let me know that I was not liking my current job in some way.

Last night, I had the dream again, except Timmy’s changed into a sweatshop of fryers and donut racks, and my current bosses were in charge. I was looking at the schedule to see when I worked next, but couldn’t figure it out. If I couldn’t figure it out, I would certainly be fired! But would it be so bad to be fired from a sweatshop?

This is undoubtedly because of extra hours I’ve had to work recently (I have to work this afternoon too) and certain recent executive decisions that I don’t agree with but have no control over, most notably that I will continue to be the only person doing software testing; no one else will be assisting me in the foreseeable future. I’m good, but I’m only one man. Software testing requires multiple viewpoints, or errors will be missed!

Hopefully everything will go back to normal once this big push for new features is over in July.

Don’t get me wrong: I love my job. I’m good at it, they let me know I’m doing well, and I’m paid accordingly. It’s the best job I’ve ever had. It just sucks to be so immersed in the cloud that you can no longer see the silver lining.

Mood: :mad:

Today I spent 2 hours trying to fix an upgrade problem, only to figure out it wasn’t anything to do with our program, but with the credit card program we interface with, which worked fine just by itself. However, when we tried to interface with it, it gave an error.

Two hours! I finally tracked it down to one configuration file that must have gotten corrupted when they made a change required for the update. Solving this problem was like one of those stupid puzzles with the empty spot that you move around until you finally see the picture. My co-workers must have thought I was going to go postal, with all the swearing under my breath!

Mood: :wink:

The Weather Network said that only a few centimetres of snow would fall overnight, but I woke up to find a veritable blizzard outside and the radio reporting “treacherous” whiteout conditions on the highway, with a dozen cars off the road on the Sumas flats (and an entire bus on its side later in the day).

No work for me today!

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I found out that the deadline of the 23rd is for the programmers, not for testing. I have a few weeks yet.

With all the Xmas shopping done (thanks to the wonderful wife), I’m sitting pretty. Half a day of work tomorrow, then an extra week off!

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In addition to the rushing around trying to find Christmas presents, we also have to have the next version of the software tested and complete by Dec. 23!

Stress is high! I got home at 8:40pm tonight.
It’s still better than my last job…12-16 hour days when crunch time came.
I am sooo gonna enjoy the week off between Xmas and New Years.

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On Thursday work bought us all (well, those who wanted them) flu vaccine shots. My arm was a bit numb and then sore for a while afterward, and the next day I slept in because it sucked all my energy, but at least I didn’t throw up and have to visit the emergency room later, like one of my co-workers. I think it was nerves more than anything else, though; she hates needles — couldn’t even bring herself to watch anyone getting the shot beforehand.