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For those like me that have to use Remote Desktop for work while hiding away from COVID-19 at home and get occasional freezeups so you have to close RD and reconnect, this article describes a Windows Registry change that completely stopped those:

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My work puts on a Christmas party every year, and there are usually some nice randomly won

Last night the theme was The Price Is Right, so there were 10 rounds of contests similar to the show. 61 employees, 4 called up each round, and I wasn’t called up for any of them. “No big deal,” I told myself, as we all got a nice Christmas bonus and a tasty free meal, and in previous years I’ve won things like an iPod and an iPad so I can’t complain.

The big prizes of the night were:
- 4 tickets to a Canucks game
- A night at the Pan Pacific Hotel
- 2 paid vacation days + one year of reserved parking at work
- An Apple Watch

Everyone got to spin a wheel to get 3-8 tickets to put into the 4 different prize bags in any combination they wanted. I spun a 3 and put 1 each into the hotel, vacation+parking, and Apple Watch bags.

The average amount of tickets per person were probably 5, multiplied by 60 employees is 300. Divided by 4 prizes and that was about 1 chance in 75 for me to win, or 1.3%.

Improbably, they drew my name for the vacation+parking so I was happy. I have to keep parking on the gravel to the side of the parking lot so a reserved spot is pretty sweet.

Then they drew for the Apple Watch. There was a bit of confusion and then they called my name again! I had to give up the vacation days and parking spot but now I’m the proud owner of an Apple Watch!

Two 1.3% chances and I hit both! Prior to the draw that would be…let’s see…
1.3% x 1.3% = 0.017%, or 17 chances in 100,000! Did I calculate that right?

So far it’s been downloading a required OS update pretty much all day. Hopefully I get to use it before I go to bed…

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Four times a year we travel to Osoyoos and directly back, an 8 hour trip dropping off or picking up Amber’s kids to/from their BioDad on the weekend. Pickup usually happens the following weekend.

Sometimes the trip is treacherous, like last Christmas. Sometimes it’s beautiful, like this time, Easter Sunday.

My van’s heater had been acting weird since the return trip the previous weekend, sometimes heating and sometimes not. On this trip it was mostly not working. About 15 minutes away from Princeton, maybe 1/2 of the way to Osoyoos, the van gave a warning chime, the temperature gauge spiked to the max, and steam started shooting out of the hood. I uttered an expletive that I will not repeat here and pulled over.

After waiting a bit for whatever was going on under the hood to settle a bit, we opened it to find hot liquid shooting out from somewhere we couldn’t quite make out. We called around, but were informed that because it was the Easter long weekend there would be no repair places open in Princeton. Nowhere else was close.

After a bit a helpful gentleman stopped and had a look. He really knew his stuff, found where the coolant was leaking from, taped it up, had us put some water into the radiator, closed the cap but didn’t seal it so that the leak wouldn’t recur, and told us to GO GO GO before it overheated again. We rushed into Princeton at about 160 km/h and pulled up to a repair place, but as we were told would be the case, it was closed.

We walked to the Canada’s Best Value Inn (yes, that’s actually the name) and the staff were very accommodating, considering we didn’t know if we’d be there one night or two, since by this point we were told that repair places weren’t going to be open on Monday either.

Speaking of accommodating, the Little Creek Grill was going to close within a half hour of us calling, but they stayed open to feed us! Their grilled beet salad was one of the best salads I’ve ever eaten!

That night I Googled the hell out of the problem. Lots of people were complaining about this one plastic piece that cracks on Dodge vehicles, spewing coolant everywhere. The fix would cost $300 if we found a repair place, but the piece could be replaced with non-automotive parts for far less.

In the end, with assistance from Amber’s cousin’s partner on the phone, we purchased more electrical tape and some metal screw bindings and Amber secured the whole thing for the trip back the next day. It was a nervous drive home but we made it!

Which was good because Amber had a job interview after work the next day, which she would have most likely missed if we had to wait until Tuesday for repairs. As it was her current work gave her hell for missing Monday, even going so far as to call her a liar! We agreed she should quit right away and luckily she got the job she interviewed for shortly thereafter!

I’m no good with automobiles, so I took it to Chrysler for repairs. After a coolant flush and taxes, $800! Maybe I should get better with engines…

We both agreed that Princeton was awesome. Nice and quiet, and the people were really friendly and helpful. I guess we got “Doc Hollywooded”, but it might be a nice place to retire…

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Methinks the new iTunes has a problem with the maths:

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After 7 years, my Vibe’s lease is over and I took it back today. It was the best car I’ve ever driven, let alone owned…I’ll miss it, and it will be held up as the standard against all future vehicles.

My Dad generously gave us his van a few months ago so we don’t need a third vehicle, and Amber’s was already paid off. I won’t miss the monthly car expense!

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I keep having a very tasteless joke run through my head every time I try to write this:

“Kids, I have good news and bad news. The good news is we don’t have to go to the hospital to visit Grandma anymore. The bad news? Well…”
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I recently finished the entire Mass Effect trilogy and it’s still bouncing about in my head. For those interested I will recount the choices I made for my Commander Shepard. Spoilers abound!
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“Being driven doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also know how to put on the brakes.” — James R. Allison

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So have a look at me a looong time ago:

…then have a look at Geoff a few years ago:

Yep, that’s the same look, saying, “I’m on Santa’s lap and I’ve been a good boy, so I’m getting whatever I want.”

Like father, like son.