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Tonight was the company Christmas party, and they decided to have karaoke as the entertainment. This was originally perceived as a bad thing(tm) but people got into it after the ice was broken by a brave few.

They had Oscar-like statuettes for the winners of the four categories: solo, duets, group and most entertaining. About an hour into it the most entertaining was only because of how bad some of the people could sing (although some were quite good, so the best solo was already sewn up) so I tossed my name in. I almost didn’t make it, as there were 9 in the waiting list and they only wanted 1 or 2 more songs before judging would start, but the crowd demanded I get up there because several waiting had already taken a turn, and I think they were curious to how well I would do.

The song? O Holy Night…
by Eric Cartman. On my knees.


Got a company t-shirt too.

Unfortunately there is probably no video record of this, as I heard later that everyone was laughing so hard the camera couldn’t stay pointed at me.

There was also a random draw for all contestants and I won a new iPod Nano. My car pool buddy Wiley won a dual-screen portable DVD player, and since my wife and I already have iPods and his wife was all about the Nano, we traded. Given that it was just the 2 GB Nano we definitely got the better end of the deal.


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