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So Geoffrey’s almost 6 and his comprehension is great.  He can read a fair amount of words, he’s good with numbers and he’s asking a lot of questions.

However, I don’t spend a lot of time with him so most of his questions are about the things we do together, like watch sci-fi shows like Star Trek or Dr. Who.

When his mother went out some nights to play Dungeons & Dragons he asked me what it was like to play it.  I couldn’t properly answer that so found some of the old D&D cartoons and burned them to a DVD for him to watch.  A few weeks ago he told me I had missed an episode.

“No,” I assured him, “those are all of them.”

“But then that means they never got home.”

Ouch…I forgot that there was never a final episode.  I assured him they did, indeed, get home, but there are going to be other uncomfortable moments as I try to share other things from my childhood.

For example, I’ve tried to get him to watch Star Wars: A New Hope a couple times now.  He gets BORED.  However, he could sit through all of The Phantom Menace.  Guess ol’ George got it right after all.

As I mentioned above, we watch some old Star Trek episodes.  He now wants a Star Trek shirt, phaser or communicator for his birthday.  However, once he’s caught up on the old episodes come the movies.  I already tried him on The Motion Picture and he almost fell asleep, so next is Wrath of Khan.  One problem:  I saw that when I was 12 and had nightmares about alien bugs burrowing into my ear for weeks.  What’s it going to do to a kid his age?  Guess I’ll have to go straight to TNG and hold off on the movies for a few years.


2 Comments to “Explanations for a 5-year-old boy”

  1. Puck — March 14, 2008 @ 12:14 pm

    How about watching some real science with him? Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, for example?

    I’d show him Wrath of Khan and see how it goes. When I was younger I hated gore and that part never bothered me, he may be the same.

  2. Jim — March 14, 2008 @ 12:36 pm

    I loved Cosmos when I was 11 but he’d find it boring, I’m afraid. Baby steps.

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