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Lara had never been to a casino to play cash poker so when our usual Sunday poker game didn’t happen we went to the Boulevard Casino in Coquitlam.  We had to wait a few minutes to sit at a $1/$2 table, her to the left of the dealer and myself 2 to the right of the dealer.

I played 5 hands.  Five.

The last 2 were the bad ones…AQ off on the first, and I re-raised (accidentally, when I didn’t notice there was already a raise to $10) to $20.  The original raiser then went all in, and when I figured out we had the same amount of chips I took it as a sign and called.  He also had AQ off (reverse of my suits) and we split the pot.

On the next hand I got pocket aces.  Big stack raised to $7 and I re-raised to $25.  There were a couple callers, including Lara.  The flop was rainbow 10 high.  I bet another $25, Lara folded and big stack put me all in.  Well sure, I’ll take your money, I thought.  The last 2 cards were hearts, completing his runner-runner QX flush.  He had called because he had top pair, and it paid off for him big time.

Lara had been nursing a straight and actually hit it after she folded, but the flush would have destroyed her too.  She lasted a while longer but lost most of her stack on a flush/straight draw that never hit.  A few hands later we were both down $100.

We put $60 each into Blackjack, but even though she doubled her stack at one point I was treading water the whole way.  Inevitably we busted out and went home.

Grand total of time spent there:  1.5 hours.  Cost:  $325 (Lara tried $5 of slots).  Guh.


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