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Since I have come across it a couple times in the last few years, I will now explain this concept using the male cast of Coupling. If you haven’t watched Coupling, go buy, download or YouTube it right now, you poor, deprived person! I’ll warn you now, though…just stop at the end of season 3 and pretend that was it…the shark was not only jumped, but humped, bumped, and trumped in season 4.

Jeff, Steve and Patrick are in the bar on the sofa and side chair, as per usual.




Jeff:  Okay, so I’ll tell you about “The Feeling Ceiling.”
Steve, looking skeptical:  Okay…
Jeff:  Right…so…there’s these women, right?
Steve:  There usually are, with your stories.
Jeff:  Okay, and some of them, for whatever reason, don’t want to hear “the big L” from their boyfriends…it freaks them out and they go all crazy…and not crazy in a good way.
Steve:  I’m familiar with these women.
Patrick:  I love those women! Er, I mean, like them…you know what I mean.
Steve:  Go on, Jeff.
Jeff:  Right…so…with some women, you go out with them for months, and things are going great, but you don’t know how far you can go…how high you can rise in your feelings for them.  You say “the big L”, and BAM!
Steve jumps.
Jeff:  …you hit…THE FEELING CEILING!
Steve:  I see. So…
Jeff:  And once you hit The Feeling Ceiling, you’re done! You’ve hit your head…you can’t go any higher.
Steve:  Right…so…
Jeff:  Even if you broke through, you’d be in the attic!
Steve:  Um…
Jeff:  …where your dad keeps his dirty magazines.
Patrick:  Result! Nice.
Steve:  Jeff…
Jeff:  Then the next thing you know your mum’s calling, “Jeffrey! Are you in the attic? Why is the chandelier shaking?”
Steve:  Too far, Jeff!
Jeff:  Huh? Oh, right…so that’s…”The Feeling Ceiling.” If you’re not careful and go too high, you’ll be in the attic, masturbating.

Steve shakes his head, and Patrick looks thoughtful. Jeff is lost in the moment.

Sound of laugh track clapping.


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