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I posted a while back that I was having problems with my wireless networking. Sometimes I just couldn’t connect with my iPod and other times my laptop couldn’t connect. It seemed to be random. I blamed the D-Link router, and replaced it (with another D-Link I was given), but the problem continued.

For the last little while my wireless had no problems whatsoever, then this weekend it started acting up again. In addition, my XBox360 was getting disconnected from the wired network, and it seemed to coincide with when the wireless network was in use. Looking online, it seemed a few others noticed the same problem. Yahoo Answers suggested adding the XBox to the static DHCP assignments on the router. The only problem was that the XBox didn’t appear in the list of hosts. Finally I figured out that it wasn’t missing; there was a blank entry in the list. I found that in the XBox’s advanced network settings there’s a way to set the hostname, but it’s off by default and says not to add one unless your ISP needs it. Well, it looks like your router needs it, too, otherwise new devices that connect to the network will “stomp” on its networking.

Once I set a hostname for the XBox and added it and all the other devices to the static DHCP list everything worked. It may be that just the act of setting a hostname on the XBox was all that was needed. Some of my friends have XBox360s and sometimes flaky wireless, so they may be having the same problem.

So, apologies to D-Link, and a big frowny :( to Microsoft…the XBox should come from the factory with a default hostname of “XBox360″, not a blank value!


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