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So I was in the right-hand lane on Clearbrook Rd. and stopped because I didn’t want to stop in an intersection, as the law says you’re supposed to when other cars ahead are stopping just beyond it. There was a lady in a car in the crossroad to the right wanting to turn left in front of me, starting to nose out and looking at me.

Er, let me show you in ASCII art:

|    ||    |    |___
|  | || /\ |     her
| \/ || |  |     ___
|    ||    | me |
|    ||    |    |

I figure she just wants to make sure I’m okay with her going in front of me so I wave her through…right into a sideswipe with the car rushing by in the left lane. Facepalm.

No injuries, but a sizable dent in the front of the second car. Stayed to fill in the police officer who seemed disinterested because he talked to another witness just before me…didn’t even want my personal details. Okay, seeya!


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