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I recently finished the entire Mass Effect trilogy and it’s still bouncing about in my head. For those interested I will recount the choices I made for my Commander Shepard. Spoilers abound!

I used the info at to compile this list.

Commander Jim Shepard

I tried to make him look as close to me as possible. How’d I do?

Spacer: Shepard was raised on ships and space stations by his Alliance soldier parents.

Ruthless: A pragmatic, brutal Shepard once sent most of their unit to their death, then killed a group of surrendering Batarians on Torfan.
(I didn’t want my typical good guy like I do with most RPGs)

Class: Vanguard. I wanted both weapons and powers, figuring that I’d find squadmates who maxed out both so I didn’t need to.

Mass Effect 1:

Noveria: I let the Rachni queen go. I wasn’t going to be responsible for genocide.

Feros: I let the green Asari live, and gassed the mind controlled colonists. So much for trying to be a bad guy…sigh.


Convinced Wrex that Saren curing the genophage would cause the Krogan’s to become slaves.

Sent Kaidan to lead the Salarian assault team, and Ashley to arm the bomb. When Saren showed up I ran back to the bomb. Kaidan died.

Relationship: I had been interested in Liara and was following up on that, but unfortunately the game thought I wanted a relationship with Ashley when I saved her instead of Kaidan. As a result she came to my cabin instead of Liara and I really didn’t like Ashley with her xenophobic comments and stupid poetry quoting so I turned her away. Besides which, she was my subordinate!


Chose not to split my forces in order to save the Council. Sovereign had to be stopped or the entire galaxy would have been lost! Based on what happens later I think I made a bad call here, but at the time it seemed like sound logic.

Didn’t decide between Udina or Anderson to join the new Council. Told them the diplomats could work it out.

Mass Effect 2:

I carried my character on without modification, though I had to actually pick Undina or Anderson to be on the new council. I picked Anderson because fuck Udina.

Mordin: Mordin shoots Maelon but we keep Maelon’s data.

Jacob: We left his nutso Dad at the mercy of the colonists.

Miranda: We saved her sister and Miranda kept her anonymity.

Garrus: In Mass Effect 1 I convinced Garrus not to shoot the guy he was hunting, but then I shot that guy when he tried to attack us. This time I let Garrus shoot his quarry and he was much happier because of it.

Samara: Samara killed Morinth and joined my crew.

Tali: Even with evidence in hand, I decided to rally the Quarians around Tali based on our reputation and it worked. Her father’s idiocy wasn’t revealed and she went free.

Legion: I chose to rewrite the heretics instead of destroy the station.

Zaeed: I chose to save the refinery workers, so Zaeed didn’t get his revenge. He was fucking pissed.

Jack vs. Miranda: Miranda was way out of line by saying Jack was a mistake. I sided with Jack and my attempted romance with Miranda was completely derailed.

At this point I found that I could actually start a romance with Tali! She was so cute, stammering when we talked about it. She was smart, funny and a genuinely nice person. The only problem: if she left her suit she’d get sick. She would do some investigation and get back to me.

Legion vs. Tali: Got both to agree to work together. This happened right after starting up with Tali and I thought I’d mess another burgeoning romance up, but it worked out.

On the way to the Omega relay Tali let me know she’d taken a lot of bio-boosters and woo! Alien sex! Didn’t get to see her face, though in ME3 she gave me a portrait of her without her suit and damn if I didn’t pick right! More gorgeous than any other girl in the trilogy.

Suicide Mission:

I had fully upgraded the Normandy’s armour, shield, and weapons so I didn’t lose any crew during the initial attack.

I sent Thane into the vents and he got killed closing the blast door.

I had Jacob create a barrier to get us through the swarms but just as we got to the exit Samara was carried away.

Had Zaeed lead the second fireteam and he died as they got to safety.

I sent the crew back to Normandy without an escort. I really thought about this one and almost sent someone back with them…I really should have. The entire crew were killed on the way back.

That was it for death, but I made a lot of mistakes up to this point.

Brought Tali and Jack with me into the final battle. All of us survived, and everyone survived holding the line as well.

Decided to send a big “fuck you” to the Illusive Man and destroyed the Collector base.

Grunt: I didn’t let Grunt out of his tube until after the suicide mission, as everyone kept telling me I shouldn’t. I took him on his loyalty missions and then the game was done.

Mass Effect 3

Diana Allers: Had her join the crew. At one point we were flirting but that stopped once I had Tali back on board.

Jack’s Students: I suggested she use her students on the front line, but it looked like at the end of the game they were all dead. D’oh.

The Rachni Queen: Once again I saved the queen, this time at the cost of Grunt’s squadmates.

Krogan vs. Salarian: I chose to reveal the Salarians’ sabotage, though not right away. Ultimately it came down to that Wrex had always played it straight with me, and the Krogan deserved a cure to the genophage. Mordin died implementing the cure.

Geth vs. Quarian: At first I told Legion to upload the Reaper code, but then when Tali tried to get the Quarians to retreat they wouldn’t listen. It came down to me deciding that the Quarians were more important than the Geth and Tali and I stopped Legion forcefully. That sucked.

Endgame: This was tough, but in the end I decided that controlling the Reapers (blue energy) was the best outcome. Some part of Shepard still exists, and it’s still helping the galaxy.

What a story! Hopefully I can convince Amber to run a female character through it next time, once we’ve finished Dragon Age.


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