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I keep having a very tasteless joke run through my head every time I try to write this:

“Kids, I have good news and bad news. The good news is we don’t have to go to the hospital to visit Grandma anymore. The bad news? Well…”

My Mom passed away on the morning of Thursday, July 10th.

She had been diagnosed with Huntington’s 17 years previous, a disease that attacks the brain/body interface until in the end your own body shuts itself down. That debilitating disease took her away from us a bit at a time. First she had trouble concentrating, then a while later could no longer drive. Over the years she went from having to use a walker to get around, to a wheelchair, then finally for the last few years she remained bedridden at the hospital, barely able to communicate with us.

I am viewing her passing as a good thing, as she had been quite miserable, in great discomfort, for the last few years. If she had had an option to die with dignity she would have taken it in a heartbeat.

My Mom and I had a strained relationship in my tweens and teens. I wasn’t a good and respectful son growing up, and she struggled with balancing being a supportive mother while trying to keep control in a relationship where I was often trying to upset the balance. I think she was happy with the decisions I’d made in my adult life, though (mistakes and all), and loved my children and stepchildren very much.

I hadn’t posted anything earlier because my stepchildren were out of town and we didn’t want anything to bring them down while they were visiting their Dad. They’re back now, and no, I didn’t use that joke I started this post with.

Donations to The Huntington Society of Canada are very much appreciated. You can also find out more about this terrible disease there. It’s genetic but before anyone asks, I was tested and cleared years ago.

I created this comic a few years ago when my Mom was still mostly with us but having to use a walker. Dark, but she honestly laughed at the joke when I told her about it:

Love you, Mom. Rest now.


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