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Most of my friends already know, but for the past little while I’ve been seeing Lara. She recently posted about me in her blog, so now it’s my turn.

Lara’s wicked smart, has a great sense of humour (well, she laughs at my jokes anyway), and is one of those rare women who can go without makeup and still look hot. Our personalities are compatible, so much so that each of us has described the other as who we would be if we were the opposite gender. Our brains sometimes reach the same conclusions at the same time, so we often find each other immediately agreeing with whichever one of us opines on a given subject first. With so many differences between men and women, let me tell you: it’s great that we’re so alike.

We are even in the same field of work: software testing. One of us will complain about salespeople overselling the product or programmers who can’t code their way out of a paper bag and the other will totally understand.

We’ve seen a lot of the same movies and TV shows, and are geeky about a lot of the same things such as Ender’s Game, Star Trek or Harry Potter. We’re not 100% synced, but she’s catching up on Dr. Who now.

Looking back I see we’ve only been going out for a little over 2 months but it seems longer (in a good way!)…I’m totally in love with a lady who I just “click” with. She “gets it” when it comes to geeking out. My close friends have spoken, and accepted her readily. She’s even been on Jeopardy, which gives her mondo geek cred.

Things are going great.

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My housewarming/freedom party went well. Had a couple last-minute cancellations, but they were the ones to miss out on Wii gaming, good music, naked jell-o wrestling and the 5′ tower of cheese! (At least one of those things didn’t happen, but if you weren’t there you will have to guess!)

A good time was had by all, reportedly. People who didn’t know each other — or not very well — beforehand were chatting up a storm as the evening went on. The last folks went home a little after midnight and the cops were never sent for, so all in all a successful first party hosting for me!

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So say this guy has a female roommate that he likes very much (as as friend) and she says she’s going to meet with some guy she met online who is only in town for a few weeks. Not a date, but as friends. They’re going to get a coffee and maybe play minigolf. Guy indicates that he’s concerned and she tells him she’s not going to do anything stupid.

Three hours pass (10pm). Roommate guy text messages gal to ask if they need to send out a search party. No response. Another hour-and-a-half passes and guy calls gal’s phone, getting her voice mail. He’s pretty upset by this point, as she hasn’t responded to the text message, nor has she called to check in. She could be raped and left for dead by now for all he knows.

4am rolls around and she replies to the text message, waking guy, saying she’s on her way home.

Should roommate guy be pissed off at her irresponsibility at being out for 9 HOURS without word, given that she already knew he was concerned? How about for sending a text message at 4am, when she knew he’d be asleep?

Is roommate guy overreacting?

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Just for Joe, since his suggestion made more sense:

I Like Pie

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I’ve been playing Texas Hold’em poker (oh here come the spam bots) with some friends in Vancouver once every second Sunday. What keeps happening every time I go is we can’t start before 6pm so it runs late, and by late I mean “holy crap it’s tomorrow and I still have to drive back to Chilliwack and I work at 8am.”

More often than not (well, 2 out of 3 times so far) I do fairly well so I’m in the final few. However, since I have a drive of more than an hour ahead of me and I don’t want to be a zombie for work I have to change my play style to speed things up, and this is where I start to fail. “6 and 10? ALL IN!” I got 4th out of 12 last night, but could have done better with more time.

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When I found years ago that I could not talk to my wife about my feelings for various reasons that I have mentioned here before but will not reiterate I started to put those feelings onto my blog. She would read my blog, find out how I really felt and then we would discuss it or not. In retrospect that was really fucked up, but since I had never been married before I had no idea what normal was; I was trying anything to salvage my sanity.

When everything fell apart I naturally put it all onto this blog. My best friend had moved away and I was feeling very alone. I needed to vent. When I found out about the infidelities I again put it all down here.

When I speak to people who don’t have blogs about the things I’ve written here I’m asked what the hell I was thinking. Why would I put such personal information on the web for all to see? My reasoning was that all the friends and acquaintances that I never see anymore can get an update on my life, which is what blogs are for in the first place. I had an acquaintance approach me at the grocery store because he had read my blog and we commiserated a bit about ex-wives and kids, which might not have happened otherwise.

However, at this point there’s no reason to continue in this vein. My marriage is over and I’m moving on with my life. The ex and I will work together for the betterment of the kids’ lives, and our own, so there’s no point in dredging up crap; it only holds us back from working on what’s important. Therefore I vow to keep the personal crap out of this blog and may even “sanitize” previous entries when I have time.

I appreciate the support friends, acquaintances and even perfect strangers on the web have given me. Tune in for exciting posts such as if I was a tree what kind of tree would I be.

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One thing I just realized as I run through all the stuff I’m going to need to do from here:

I’ve never lived alone before.

I lived with my parents, then moved out with Merrick and Joe near Cultus lake, then in with Ruth, then back in with Merrick at The Mopester’s, then in with Mellissa. I’ve never come home to an empty house every day.

It’s a daunting prospect. I’m currently living with Anthony, but it will be temporary.


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I tried to gas up my car on the way home only to find that my credit card was declined. It was also declined last week when I ordered pizza but I figured I had missed a payment or something, but I paid since so it shouldn’t have been declined.

When I called I found out that my card had been flagged for suspicious activity and they called and left me a message (thanks for letting me know, in-laws). When I didn’t call back they suspended the card. It appears on Sep. 26 a couple small online charges came through, then $500 and $1000 attempts. The $500 went through but Visa caught it pretty quick.

I’m not responsible for any of the fraudulent charges and will be getting a new card in a couple weeks. Mellissa’s card still works so we’re okay for emergencies.

I don’t use my card often, so can pretty much track it down to when it happened. For those who went to Dave’s stag: if you used your credit card at the restaurant before the game or the cash machine at the bar afterwards (most likely the latter), check your credit card statements ASAP! The charges showed up 9 days later, and I didn’t use the card in between then and when the fraud started.

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Yes, I’m still here!

Ball hockey season started up again, and with all the stuff I have to do at work and the family at home I haven’t had much time for myself.  When I do get time alone I tend to just vegetate, except when I’m forced to figure out why my Usable Freeware site stopped working with its PHP database (host’s PHP upgrade broke my code).

I got sick quite a bit during the early part of the year, so I’ve hit my paid sick day limit already and it’s only halfway through the year.  An air conditioned office is comfortable, but when someone gets sick and comes in because they’re out of sick days, everyone else gets sick and brings down the overall efficiency.

Emily is repeating lots of words.   She’s still mostly babbling, but understands when we tell her to do basic things.  She smiles all the time, loves hugging and kissing, and charms pretty much everyone.

Geoffrey is loving the new Dr. Who episodes.  I suppose I’m going to have to get him a Sonic Screwdriver for Christmas…

I tried to update my ATI video card drivers and it couldn’t find an INI file. I tried to skip it and now my computer boots to 640×480 with 8 colours and no option to go higher. I tried System Restore, uninstalling and reinstalling, but no joy unless I use the Microsoft drivers from Windows Update, and they’re not great. Even DivX video is choppy. With all the problems I’ve had with ATI cards I think my next video card will be a GeForce and I’ll stick with those; never had any problems with nVidia.

I’m posting this with the Performancing Firefox plugin, which allows me to browse in a split-screen while I blog.  If I like it I’ll probably give their free blog metrics service a go.

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When I think of something to post here it’s forgotten within minutes because of how busy I’ve been. It’s been incredibly hard to relax. My freeware advocacy site, which was supposed to be updated every week, gets updated once a month.

My mother, for those of you who are unaware, has Huntingdon’s disease and is mid-range through the cycle, which will end in her death in a few years. She’s on medication so she can keep her involuntary movements down, but last week she got dizzy, falling and hitting her head, requiring 5 stiches. My dad had to separate from her a couple years back because of the symptomatic mood swings, but she still calls him nearly every day and he’s near his emotional end. He’ll be going on a long, well-deserved trip next month but this will mean she’ll have to depend on the staff at her care home, and her symptomatic antisocial tendencies have alienated them. I expect calls. She’s been calling ambulances once every week or two because she claims she’s unable to breathe, but she’s nowhere near that stage of the disease yet.

Yes, Huntingdon’s is hereditary. I’ve already been tested, and am clean. It ends with her.

On nicer things, Emily looks ready to walk. She’s been cruising, and Mellissa said she stood for 7 seconds before realizing she wasn’t holding on to anything the other day.

Geoffrey is currently obsessed with Toy Story 1 & 2, and Indiana Jones. His grandpa got him a fedora-like hat for Christmas and he’s been wearing it everywhere. He’s also been leaping off of furniture yelling, “To infinity…and beyond!” When he does it in the hat and his Buzz Lightyear pajamas it’s a weird cross-genre thing.

Work is busy busy busy as always. Being the only person testing the software is stressful, because if any bugs get through I’m pretty much responsible (well, the programmer too, but it’s very hard to test your own work because of ‘tunnel vision’ for your code).

My best friend moved to Vancouver earlier this month. It’s not like I went over to his place all that often, but it was “the place to go” to get away from here for awhile.

Mellissa is still pushing herself too hard for the SCA. Last night she didn’t even come to bed because she was fashioning “garb” for the kids ALL NIGHT. She neglected to tell me until yesterday that she needed me to take care of the kids this morning, and since I had told me boss that I would come in today to take care of some work I now have to push it to tomorrow. Whee, working on a Sunday… :mad:

Shaw Cable started throttling Bittorrent uploads in my area. Fsckers. I mostly use it to download TV shows, which I would watch on Shaw anyway but I hate being forced into a timetable.

The furnace in our house started having problems a couple months ago. Two of the five burners don’t light properly, so the gas builds up until it finally creates a small explosion, which blows out one of the other burners, which then builds up and explodes, etc. The explosions, while small and not dangerous, are very loud and shake the house. Yet one more thing adding to my stress level. We can’t have it looked at right now because the furnace would have to be completely disconnected for a couple days and it’s COLD outside.

I finished Call of Duty 2 within a few days of getting it. Great game, but I think it wasn’t as long as the first one. That, or I played it so damn much that I just breezed through it.

I managed to find a couple Fallout 2 mods, so am currently enjoying more turn-based killing, um strategy/RPG.

Oh, and I never want to have my wisdom teeth taken out now. Cripes!