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I recently finished the entire Mass Effect trilogy and it’s still bouncing about in my head. For those interested I will recount the choices I made for my Commander Shepard. Spoilers abound!
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I did terribly at our weekly poker game, getting knocked out by a failed flush draw after raising with a suited ace…bah.

In PokerStars the other night I played a 9-player cash tourney where I couldn’t do anything wrong! If I was dominated I would suck out the second pair, straight or flush…when I called all-ins the other guy was always bluffing…it was unreal! I wish it had been more than a $3 tourney.

Lara and I went to the casino tonight.  She lost $200 but I doubled my $100 buy-in.
Notable hands:  I flopped Q-K 2 pair and slow played it, not realizing my opponent had pocket aces.  When the board paired itself on the river she crushed me.  On my last hand I had Q-3 of diamonds…I called, then someone raised…I probably shouldn’t have called that but I did, and 2 diamonds came down on the flop.  I bet hard and the third player folded, but the guy that raised pre-flop (and took Lara’s money earlier) re-raised me all in (2x my bet).  I called, and hit my diamond on the river…he had pushed me all in with 8-9 of diamonds, so my flush crushed his.  Woo!

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I’ve come up with a couple variants of Texas Hold’em poker and I’d like to share them with you:


Typical Hold’em, but every discard (mucks, burns) is face up instead of face down.  Haven’t tried it yet, but I get the feeling that, on one hand, some people may fold hands they normally wouldn’t when they see all their outs are gone, but players with draws may follow them more ardently because none of their outs are showing.

Lazy River

If the river (the last card on the table) is not bet at, the dealer asks for a Lazy River bet, which is a bet to see a sixth table card.  If someone bets the Lazy River (min. is the big blind, as usual), those who do not call or raise must fold.

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Lara had never been to a casino to play cash poker so when our usual Sunday poker game didn’t happen we went to the Boulevard Casino in Coquitlam.  We had to wait a few minutes to sit at a $1/$2 table, her to the left of the dealer and myself 2 to the right of the dealer.

I played 5 hands.  Five.

The last 2 were the bad ones…AQ off on the first, and I re-raised (accidentally, when I didn’t notice there was already a raise to $10) to $20.  The original raiser then went all in, and when I figured out we had the same amount of chips I took it as a sign and called.  He also had AQ off (reverse of my suits) and we split the pot.

On the next hand I got pocket aces.  Big stack raised to $7 and I re-raised to $25.  There were a couple callers, including Lara.  The flop was rainbow 10 high.  I bet another $25, Lara folded and big stack put me all in.  Well sure, I’ll take your money, I thought.  The last 2 cards were hearts, completing his runner-runner QX flush.  He had called because he had top pair, and it paid off for him big time.

Lara had been nursing a straight and actually hit it after she folded, but the flush would have destroyed her too.  She lasted a while longer but lost most of her stack on a flush/straight draw that never hit.  A few hands later we were both down $100.

We put $60 each into Blackjack, but even though she doubled her stack at one point I was treading water the whole way.  Inevitably we busted out and went home.

Grand total of time spent there:  1.5 hours.  Cost:  $325 (Lara tried $5 of slots).  Guh.

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I’ve been playing Texas Hold’em poker (oh here come the spam bots) with some friends in Vancouver once every second Sunday. What keeps happening every time I go is we can’t start before 6pm so it runs late, and by late I mean “holy crap it’s tomorrow and I still have to drive back to Chilliwack and I work at 8am.”

More often than not (well, 2 out of 3 times so far) I do fairly well so I’m in the final few. However, since I have a drive of more than an hour ahead of me and I don’t want to be a zombie for work I have to change my play style to speed things up, and this is where I start to fail. “6 and 10? ALL IN!” I got 4th out of 12 last night, but could have done better with more time.

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I’ve mentioned to a few people how open source (free!) Battle for Wesnoth is very reminiscent of Warlords II. It’s old-school turn-based strategy on a hex map with medieval weapons and magic. I’d played v1.0 and the beta of v1.2 was much better but it had some issues. Now v1.2 is a stable release as of 2 days ago, so go get it!

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I was reading Gamespy’s blurb for Half-Life 2: Episode One’s nomination for the Game of the Year and they were talking about things I don’t remember happening in that game. Then I realized: I never finished Episode One! I got to the underground area where I had to use my flashlight all the time and then got distracted by things like Titan Quest.

The problem with Steam is that you have to run it before you can see all the games available. I actually have a half-dozen games in there I installed but haven’t fully played!

So if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be a little busy for a while…

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I’ve been playing Titan Quest for the last day or so, and it’s definitely filling the gap that followed after Diablo II. The controls and feel are the same and they removed the Diablo stupidity that when you die you lose all your equipment and have to return to where you died to pick it all back up, but since it was usually a big baddie that killed you, you have no chance to beat them without your equipment! In this game you just lose some XP. You can also teleport back to town to unload as often as you want, which is nice. I just wish there was some way of carrying more stuff so I didn’t have to teleport back to town so often…

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Downloaded and finished the F.E.A.R. single player demo. It’s very good. It uses the DOOM3 engine, but you can actually use the flashlight while you have your gun out (gasp)! It also allows you to use your superior reflexes to slow down time a la The Matrix or Max Payne.

The weapons are cool; I like the particle weapon, which flash-fries the enemy. The storyline is creepy, and there are a couple “what the–?!” freakout moments in the demo. Not too short; just enough to whet your appetite.

Eagerly awaiting the full game.

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Check this out.

Then shut up about video games making kids violent.
Not that any of my friends who read this blog think that…