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I picked up GTA: San Andreas. I like that it comes on a DVD, so I didn’t have to swap discs during installation. The part I didn’t like was when I tried to run the game and it said it couldn’t find an authentic disc.

The fine no-CD cracks at GameCopyWorld got me up and running, though.

I played for a bit. Classic GTA missions, but more swearing than the previous games, but given the hip-hop 90′s setting it’s expected.

After the first mission the voices completely disappeared Hey, Rockstar Games! How about some more playtesting next time?

Update: The workaround for the copy protection not working is here, and the fix for the sound cutting out is here. Gotta love The Internets…

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I had heard about how the ending of Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords didn’t sit well with some people, but the gameplay and story of the first 90% of the game was great so I put it out of my mind as best I could.

Now that I’ve finished it, I’m ready to agree. If Return of the Jedi had used the KOTOR2 formula, they wouldn’t have rescued Han Solo at the beginning, then pretty much everyone they met would have talked about him (“I heard he was frozen in carbonite”, “maybe we should go rescue him”), then after the Emperor was killed the last scene of the movie would have been the heroes going off in the Millenium Falcon to rescue Han, but then the credits roll! It’s an incomplete game!

Someone seriously dropped the ball on this. Talk about a letdown.

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Softball coach snaps the unwritten rules

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I asked for KOTOR2 for my birthday, and also got a Future Shop gift card, so I picked up Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich.

Overall, I’ve found Freedom Force to be the better game. It’s definitely as good as the original, and the new improved engine look great and they’ve still been able to preserve the campy Kirby-esque artwork. The voices don’t seem as good as the first; maybe they had to rush that aspect of it.

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On Saturday, while I was sick and a little put out that I couldn’t attend the LAN party, I decided to play Counterstrike…8 HOURS of Counterstrike!

I could barely feel my legs by the end of it, from sitting too long. When you check behind the bedroom door for camping bastards as you head off to bed, you’ve played too much CS…

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(yes, I know they’ve mostly fixed the stuttering sound bug now. I’m a little behind, ok?)

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Finished Half-Life 2 a couple days ago, once I managed to mostly get around the sound pausing bug. Awesome!

Next: Half-Life 2 deathmatch!

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A few weeks ago I started DM’ing Egg of the Phoenix, one of my favourite Dungeons & Dragons module from way back when I was in high school (back when they called it Secondary School, with capital letters and everything).

I’ve had to convert the module from to AD&D to the current v3.5 rules, and boy does it take a while! I’ve had literally months to work on it and am only slightly ahead of my players’ progress. The main thing taking all the time is the converting of NPCs (Non-Player Characters to those not in the know; virtual characters controlled by myself, for good or ill). Thank goodness for PCGen or I’d have given up by now. I have only so much time in the week, too. Having a kid really cuts into the old hobby time, lemme tell ya!

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The GameSpy Magic & Memories history of D&D is a good read. Since Dungeons & Dragons actually came out before PCs and the Internet, a lot of the information revealed in the articles is new to me, and very interesting.

I’m so glad Wizards of the Coast resurrected it and made it better…

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First impressions of DOOM 3:
- Why’s it so choppy on my Athlon XP 2100 with 768 MB RAM and ATI 9600 video card at only 800×600 resolution? I guess I’ll try the new beta ATI drivers…
- Pants-dirtying suspenseful action.
- Why the HELL can’t I hold a flashlight in one hand and a pistol in the other? Being able to see or shoot, but not at the same time, is annoying!