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I did terribly at our weekly poker game, getting knocked out by a failed flush draw after raising with a suited ace…bah.

In PokerStars the other night I played a 9-player cash tourney where I couldn’t do anything wrong! If I was dominated I would suck out the second pair, straight or flush…when I called all-ins the other guy was always bluffing…it was unreal! I wish it had been more than a $3 tourney.

Lara and I went to the casino tonight.  She lost $200 but I doubled my $100 buy-in.
Notable hands:  I flopped Q-K 2 pair and slow played it, not realizing my opponent had pocket aces.  When the board paired itself on the river she crushed me.  On my last hand I had Q-3 of diamonds…I called, then someone raised…I probably shouldn’t have called that but I did, and 2 diamonds came down on the flop.  I bet hard and the third player folded, but the guy that raised pre-flop (and took Lara’s money earlier) re-raised me all in (2x my bet).  I called, and hit my diamond on the river…he had pushed me all in with 8-9 of diamonds, so my flush crushed his.  Woo!